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Our Frequently Asked Questions - Candidates

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Q: I am studying for exams. How much time will this take?

A:  The most vital modules are delivered in the first two years, primarily online with optional attendance at our conferences and workshops. You should expect to spend around one hour per week on average on this online/classroom based learning. In addition you would be encouraged to have a 30-45 minute mentoring call with your 1-2-1 mentor each week or as needed for key decisions, challenges or milestones.


Q: Due to my circumstances I messed up my exams. Does this bar me?

A: Perseverance in the face of adversity is an important strength. Let us know what happened in your personal statement and we will consider your case.


Q: Can I apply if my family is White British and I was born in the UK? 

A: Yes, so long as you are from a disadvantaged background and aged between 16-25.



Q: Will I get feedback on my application from Migrant Leaders?

A: Yes. We will respond to every application with constructive feedback that will help you plan your future.


Q: What happens if I am not accepted? Can I reapply?

A: Yes. Digest the feedback and try again the next time applications are invited on our website. You will still have access to the Migrant Leaders resources for members on our website.


Q: Will my mentor have empathy for my background?

A: Students are carefully matched with their mentors, many of whom have had personally challenging journeys themselves.


Q: How quickly will I get a mentor?

A: The time it takes for us to introduce you to a mentor will vary and depends on how long it takes you to complete our pre-mentoring programme and the availability of a suitable mentor that matches your career preferences.


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