Executive Team: Bhavika Lad

With 10 years’ experience in HR and Project Management, Bhavika has worked in a number of industries; Real Estate, Financial Services, Media and Leisure. She has a passion for culture, performance enhancement and talent development which have shaped her career in HR.  Having worked in multi layered organisations Bhavika is skilled in strategic change, transformation and implementing tactical solutions in complex business environments. As Head of Mentoring Programme, Bhavika is focused on supporting our Mentors and inspiring Migrant Leaders Mentees to reach their full potential.  She wants Mentees to broaden their horizons and succeed in their careers in the same way that she has after having been mentored in the past. 

The most precious gift we can give the next generations is inspiration, inspiration to be better, to be the best. Demonstrating through hard work and dedication that dreams are achievable, goals are attainable and that limitation is only in the mind. As a civilisation we continue to push the realms of the imaginable and with each new generation we sow the seeds of possibility. 


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