Executive Team: Kanav Moudgill

Kanav moved from India to the UK with his family when he was 11 years old. Having to learn a new language and being in a new environment were compounded by a noticeable lack of available resources for migrants about what “life in the UK is like”. Kanav found this made it quite hard to be aspirational but he maintained an active interest in accessing as many resources as possible which brought him to Migrant Leaders when Elham presented the program to his sixth form. Elham’s story and the charity’s aims and mission all resonated with Kanav. Through Migrant Leaders, Kanav has been supported with the mentorship that he had been looking for in his earlier years; especially with a FTSE 100 company, he says “it felt like gold”.

Kanav is a winner of the Universal Peace Federation Youth Achievement Award for his work, during sixth form, in setting up a peer mentoring program to provide support to students who faced similar challenges at school to those he had also experienced. Now a second-year undergraduate of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Manchester, Kanav is an avid fan of aviation and is constantly fascinated by the speed of advancements made in the aerospace sector. As the current General Secretary of his University’s Aerospace Society, Kanav works alongside other students to raise awareness amongst members and has responsibility for a weekly newsletter which communicates industry updates and other information relevant for fellow students.

Kanav is passionate about helping bridge the gap that is very evidently present between young migrants’ abilities and their options.  He wants young people to be able to untap their potential and is looking forward to being able to support that as Student Engagement Intern at Migrant Leaders.


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