About Migrant Leaders

We’re an independent UK registered charity that inspires and develops disadvantaged young migrants across the UK to broaden their horizons and capture opportunities well beyond their aspirations

For migrants, for business, for Britain

For Migrants

Fulfilling one’s potential is the key to happiness. At Migrant Leaders we provide the bespoke tools and the support high potential migrants need to succeed with capability, personal integrity and emotional health which impacts so many migrants. Young migrants experience significant challenges such as late arrival in the UK school system, multiple moves between schools, family breakup, living in deprived neighbourhoods and lack of contacts.

But most importantly this programme is for all migrants in Britain not just for those selected for the programme. Through much consultation with diverse stakeholders and experts, we have developed original thinking and tools leveraging our digital platform to provide our development resources to everyone in the country with the desire to succeed.

Our aims are to:

  • Inspire and develop disadvantaged young migrants across the UK to broaden their horizons and capture opportunities well beyond their aspirations. Build leadership and motivate young migrants to fulfil their true career potential, consequently maximising their contributions to the British economy, society and communities
  • Provide bespoke support to equip talented young migrants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to enter and take on leadership roles in major public and private sector organisations

We do this by developing and delivering specially designed on-line modules and resources open to all, targeted workshops, mentoring and quality work connections and experiences to build leadership and the capabilities migrants need to develop in order to succeed in education and work in Britain.

The charity beneficiaries are mainly two groups; first and second generation migrants, and employers. Our focus is on young migrants over 16 years of age from lower socioeconomic backgrounds due to the disadvantage migration causes. The charity aims to set the direction and accelerate the development of young migrants and through this early bespoke intervention achieve a more level playing field enabling everyone to fulfil their potential in Britain.

For Business

In October 2017 the final recommendations of the Parker review were published. This valuable report provided a view into the ethnic diversity of the FTSE 100 Boards. It urged business leaders to improve the ethnic and cultural diversity of UK Boards to better serve their employee base and their communities.

At Migrant Leaders we have found even a greater gap when looking at the picture from the migrant perspective. Citizen Directors of colour who migrated to Britain represent only 1.3% of FTSE100 Boardrooms and almost all were privately educated. At Migrant Leaders we support all routes to leadership and we believe that more migrants from diverse backgrounds would add even further value to the private as well as public sector leadership tables across Britain.

At Migrant Leaders we have designed the programme to identify leadership talent and to develop the personal character and capabilities of young migrants with the drive to succeed in Britain. This early development will help provide leading private sector firms and public sector organisations with the pipeline of capable candidates for them to recruit, develop and promote.

For Britain

International migration numbers are likely to increase given large political, demographic and economic imbalances and climate change. In Britain 70% of the future population growth is expected to come from migrant families. Public perception is that there are more migrants than there really are, that they are going to take the jobs and social benefits.

While there are short term local costs of migration, in reality migrants are productive members of society who want to work, start businesses and come with innovative ideas. They boost the working age population. At Migrant Leaders we want to help address some of these challenges and perceptions. Our aim is to help develop young migrants so they make early contributions to their local communities and later help grow the economy making social contributions for everyone to benefit from.

Migrant Leaders is a programme developed and delivered by The Fardad Foundation (TFF). Incorporated independently, TFF is governed by a diverse Trustees Board. The Fardad Foundation (TFF) is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission in England and Wales with registered charity number 1176049.


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