If you are as passionate as we are about helping young migrants fulfil their true potential in the UK, then we want to talk to you about mentoring and partnership opportunities with Migrant Leaders

Would you like to Join the Migrant Leaders programme as a Mentor, Partner, or Candidate?




Would you like to join the Migrant Leaders programme as a Mentor?

What is Migrant Leaders?

Migrant Leaders is a unique development programme designed for talented young migrants with the ambition to succeed in their future career and life in Britain. The programme consists of 3 streams, including structured learning modules, quality work experiences and mentoring. 


What do mentors gain from the programme?

Mentoring is a two-way process. It benefits both mentee and mentor. As a mentor you will be sharing your skills and life experience with someone eager to learn from you. You will be contributing to the development of exceptionally talented migrants who, in turn, will contribute to the future of their communities and their host country. You will gain the personal satisfaction of following the individual’s passage through life knowing that you will have played a significant part in his/her achievements and successes. It will be a rewarding process.

What would I be committing to as a Mentor?

We would expect the same professional standards from you as any challenging role. The typical time devoted to your role will be a total of 2-3 hours per month, including preparation time.  The frequency of calls is to be mutually agreed between you and your mentee. In addition we would encourage you to join a 1 hour monthly Mentors call to report on progress, share learnings and challenges we can help you with. As a Migrant Leaders Mentor we would encourage you to commit to your role on a year by year basis in order to provide reasonable continuity for your mentee and flexibility for you.


What support would I get as a Mentor?

We would like to ensure your mentoring experience is enjoyable and without problems. You will be fully supported by the Migrant Leaders programme, leadership team and materials. Resources available to you include a training module for new Mentors, ongoing monthly Mentors call, personal development workshops and a ‘SuperMentor’ to elevate any issues to. Our commitment to you includes appropriate controls for instance around your personal data. We will celebrate your success and contribution and give you recognition at official events such as Mentor Awards and Candidate Graduation Ceremonies. 


If you are interested in speaking to us about a mentoring role please contact Elham Fardad email: [email protected]

Support Migrant Leaders Provides Mentors and Mentees

Download our helpful guides in order to gain an understanding of the support you would get from us as a Mentor.


Would you like to explore partnering opportunities with Migrant Leaders?

What partnering opportunities can Migrant Leaders offer?

We are highly motivated to deliver this programme and have a big positive impact on young migrants across Britain, but we cannot do this without help and partnering with interested individuals and organisations. If you are potentially interested in exploring partnering opportunities with Migrant Leaders please contact Elham Fardad email: 

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]



Corporate partnerships

Migrant Leaders has corporate partnerships with a number of leading firms. We are looking to expand this across all industry sectors and company sizes in order to connect our highly talented selected young migrants with relevant quality work experiences. There are also other ways companies can get involved with Migrant Leaders including strategic partnerships. We encourage companies who share our values, passion and objective to develop a diverse pool of young talent to get in touch with us to explore together how we can collaborate. This collaboration can include corporate sponsorship packages, staff volunteering, corporate events or choosing Migrant Leaders as your Charity of Choice.

Public sector organisations and charities

At Migrant Leaders we believe young people need opportunities to have a wide range of experiences to help them choose their future career and personal passion. One of the best ways of developing their skills and character is through volunteering. As such we would welcome opportunities to partner with public sector organisations and charities. This can include you providing work experience and volunteering opportunities to our highly talented selected young migrants. We would also be interested to explore other ways you may be able to collaborate with Migrant Leaders in order to achieve our shared objectives and outcomes for young migrants, communities and the wider public.


Schools and educational institutions

From the outset Migrant Leaders has aimed to be at the forefront of innovative ways of selecting and developing young migrant talent. We would like to continue to expand our partnerships and include schools and educational institutions who would like to give the opportunity to their 16-25 year old students to apply for the programme. We would provide appropriate support to the institutions and candidates before, during and after the application and candidate selection process. This support would include programme information packs, candidate joining packs and any other support the institutions need in order to participate in our programme. If your school or educational institution could be interested in participating in our programme please contact us at Migrant Leaders.

Talent Ambassador Scheme

Learn more about how you can help us identify and refer talented young people by joining our Talent Ambassador Scheme.


Corporate Ambassador Scheme

Learn more about how you can help us recruit volunteer mentors and develop partnerships by joining our Corporate Ambassador Scheme.


Would you like to apply as a candidate to join the Migrant Leaders Development Programme?

Reach for the stars with Migrant Leaders

Life in a new country can be tough, even as a second-generation migrant, for several reasons including the likelihood that your family may lack the professional networks that can help you progress in your career. Not having knowledge of career options and routes into them can make it difficult to know how to break into the profession that you want. This can also be true for non-migrants from disadvantaged backgrounds. However, Migrant Leaders aims to help talented young people like you reach the very top of the corporate world in Britain through its Development Programme. You will be able to unlock workplace opportunities, make valuable connections, build your capability and achieve everything you deserve in life.


How does it do this?

There are three main branches of our programme for candidates who are accepted after convincing us they have the will to succeed:

  • Structured online learning modules, optional conferences and workshops which prepare you for the challenges ahead
  • Being paired with skilled senior mentors from top organisations who will provide you with valuable advice as you move from school to further education to employment
  • Obtaining quality work experience opportunities in leading firms as a result of Migrant Leaders’ valuable network of connections

The Development Programme application process

Migrant Leaders will consider applications in a 2 stage process. We ask you to:

  • Complete an online application, available on our website, which includes personal statements from you explaining why you want to join the programme, your experiences so far and your future ambitions
  • Send evidence of your exam or coursework results, with “Candidate Application-Evidence” in the subject line to [email protected]

Candidates are considered on the basis of their capabilities, courage and motivation. If they are selected for stage 2: 

  • Candidates will be invited for an interview to understand your character, motivation and future potential

Successful candidates who complete our pre-mentoring programme will be matched with a mentor who is of relevance to your chosen profession or industry.


What next? Invest in your future

  • Check our website and become a Migrant Leaders subscriber by registering your email on our website as a potential mentee
  • If you would like to be considered for the Migrant Leaders Development Programme, please click on the button below to fill in the candidate application form.


Please note that to be able to apply you must be 16-25 years old, currently or previously in state education, and either you or at least one of your parents must have migrated to the UK or as a non-migrant you must be from a disadvantaged background* of any ethnicity. Applications to join the Migrant Leaders Development Programme are welcome from all regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender or background. We accept and assess applications throughout the year and aim to communicate the initial outcome of your application to you within 2 weeks of receiving your application.

* The definition of “disadvantaged background” includes indicators such as being the first generation in a family to be university educated, receiving free school meals or having a below average household income, amongst other factors. Any one or more of these indicators suggests disadvantage.


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