Young Leaders Panel: Esther Akpovi

Esther’s mission is to mobilize the voices of Gen-Z youth in the 21st Century. She is passionate about making structural changes in education to make it more accessible to underrepresented communities.  Esther was born in Nigeria and moved to Nottingham at 8 years old, she is studying Law (LLB) with Legal innovation and technology at University of Law in London.  An award-winning Youth Ambassador, Esther has earned recognition as a social activist and has participated in various projects – most notably, the ‘A21 Walk for Freedom’. As well taking part in the British Youth Council team as a structured dialogues officer, Esther is a distinguished youth cabinet member of Nottingham City Council advising the council on how to target, create opportunities for and develop policies that impact the Gen-Z audience.  She is an Advisory Board member to One Nottingham and Big Youth Group on workforce diversity, youth engagement, cultural innovation, education & social entrepreneurship. Esther is working with Migrant Leaders to help recruit talented young people to apply to programmes and on the Young Leaders Panel. 


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