Advisory Board: Steve Sanders

Steve has formed a reputation and personal brand for simplifying the acceleration of growth and turnaround in business. He has worked in technology and management consulting for 30 years, his roles and ground-breaking achievements are too numerous to list here. Over a ten-year period,  Steve personally generated $2.4bn and secured a further $4bn of at-risk business. Later in his career he led the rescue of two failing critical national programmes in the UK public sector. Perhaps more noteworthy for Steve is that he has persisted in his determination to bring out the best from people and teams he engages, leaving a more lasting impact and creating a wide network of trust.

Steve is an established expert in complex business development, accelerated business growth and turnaround, and the pursuit of new business or major client development. His credentials come from driving new business models and technology ideas, building opportunity in clients and markets. Since recently leaving EY, Steve joined the board or advises leadership of InsureTech, PropTech and M&A Corporate Finance advisory firms. He has served clients in those sectors as well as extensively in TMT, healthcare, life sciences, public sector, and various large global operations across to smaller scale-up B2B tech businesses.

Steve’s deep-rooted belief in the strength of collaboration, personal sense of social duty and collective responsibility is at the heart of his coaching style of management, his sincere approach to connecting people and mentoring individuals, and runs through to his contribution to academics and to seeking mainstream system-wide solutions to global challenges.



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