Migrant Leaders Mentee: Jamil Tuki

My ultimate aim is to become the Chief Executive of a FTSE 100 company. I hope to achieve this not just for myself but to inspire others from ethnic minority backgrounds to aspire for what they want. I am a British Bangladeshi with a father from Bangladesh and a mother born in the UK. Being the first generation in my family to go to university, I have always sought to become the best I can be. However, navigating the corporate world is something that many of us with parents from non-professional backgrounds struggle with. I knew I needed guidance from someone experienced and being part of Migrant Leaders has been a fantastic experience having had the huge privilege of Steve Sanders as my mentor. The work Migrant Leaders does is exceptionally important and I look forward to contributing to them in the near future.

Impact: Guidance and advice on attaining top internships and graduate role. Obtained and trained in analyst role at Deloitte. Now working as a Business Manager at Openreach.


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