Elham Fardad Invited to Speak as Part of a Panel at the European Commission in London

news Sep 26, 2018

Summary of Elham’s talk at the event:

Why Elham Fardad launched Migrant Leaders?

  • Only 1.3% of FSTE 100 Board Directors are migrants and all of those have been privately educated. Elham’s mission in life is to help move that number.
  • We must generate the pipeline of diverse talent before we lose a generation who have gone through so much and yet because of that will be more driven than anyone, able to take the risks essential for innovation and exponential growth and they come with some of the technical skills that Britain needs more of such as strong Maths and Science. Wouldn’t it be great if we as the migrant population give that gift of economic growth and harmony in communities to Britain, the country that has welcomed us? 

How is Migrant Leaders doing this?

  • Migrant Leaders is a leading practice development programme for 16-25 year old first and second generation migrants. The programme provides these young people with 3 components; mentoring from Director grade executives working on FTSE100 and leading firms, capability and leadership workshops and conferences and a digital programme to share our resources with all underrepresented young people across the country. We have also formed pivotal partnerships with FTSE100 to provide our young people with quality work experiences and access to leading corporates. 

Final thought:

  • You may ask yourself why think of a corporate life, migrants have bigger problems than this. But happiness is about fulfilling one’s potential and we need to think about the long term future of the talented, resilient young migrants who come into this country. When you look at the issue of international labour migration, research considers the economic/political/ethical issues around migration. The financial benefits and costs can be argued both ways especially when you contrast short term local costs of migration vs the long term benefits to the economy and diversity. However, one area that everyone seems to agree on is the adverse psychological impact on migrants. Part of that is the feeling that you have been displaced, that you have lost your identity and been cheated out of your destiny. “I have founded Migrant Leaders to help migrants achieve their aspirations and destiny for their good and for the good of Britain, the country that I love and has given me so many opportunities.”

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