Young Leaders Panel Members Join WinTrade and Mastercard

conferences events news other Jul 01, 2019

Elham Fardad proudly presented our Young Leaders Panel from Migrant Leaders at the WinTrade conference hosted by Mastercard. The Young Leaders Panel response to her talk on the State of Corporate Diversity Today was that this is their opportunity to shape corporate diversity of tomorrow. We are truly proud to be associated with these and many other young people on the Migrant Leaders Development Programme. 


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Migrant Leaders Delivers Its First ‘Connect Conference’

conferences events news May 23, 2019

This conference helps our Young Mentees imagine a future without barriers. We achieve this by bringing together our Mentees and Mentors in this conference with an exciting agenda of speakers, discussion panel, Q&A and networking session. Our Mentees gain an opportunity to speak directly with multiple Mentors from a wide range of companies and technical fields. Importantly, they gain exposure and feel comfortable with imagining a future at these companies.


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Migrant Leaders and Anglo American Partnership Delivers the First ‘Access to Corporates’ Conference

conferences events news Nov 23, 2018

This valuable conference represents our first co-developed event with one of our key corporate sponsors Anglo American. Our Access to Corporates Programme seeks to bring to our Mentees insights and connections to large corporates as well as leading quality work experiences across a number of sectors. The feedback from our Mentees on this initial Access to Corporates conference has been phenomenal, with our Mentees expressing that they would not have otherwise gained such a life time opportunity, which they so deserve.

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Migrant Leaders Mentors Conference Brings Together Our Mentors from 60 Leading Companies

conferences events news Sep 21, 2018

Our Mentors Conference brought together Migrant Leaders Mentors from 60 leading large corporates to network, share ideas on diverse talent and hear our CEO Elham Fardad and our Patrons Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE and Rene Carayol MBE speak. We were joined by members of our Advisory Board and our Young Leaders Panel who made a great contribution to the day and helped demonstrate the diversity and leadership of the young people we engage with. To see our full conference materials, watch out for the launch of our Migrant Leaders Digital Programme. 

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Migrant Leaders Founder Speaking at Conference ‘Challenging Mental Health Stigma’

conferences other Apr 23, 2018

Elham Fardad invited as guest speaker where she emphasised the importance of mental health for young migrants “In my experience mental health is in part about being satisfied with the outcomes we have achieved in our lives. It is about fulfilling our potential in the roles that have meaning to each of us, and importantly helping others fulfil their potential. Personal success means nothing without our happiness, health and helping others….”

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Migrant Leaders Leadership Development Conference Brings Together Young People and Professionals to Work

conferences Jan 28, 2018

The Migrant Leaders Leadership Development Conference on Saturday 27th January 2018 aimed to get the 68 attendees being young people and professionals working together on common objectives. The agenda was packed with workshop sessions, expert speakers and networking…

Watch out for the full conference materials being made available on our website. Register on our website to be notified when our online resources are released and to receive our valuable monthly newsletter by email.

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Migrant Leaders Youth Conference Invites Feedback on the Programme

conferences Oct 14, 2017

The Migrant Leaders Youth Conference on Sunday 8th October 2017 introduced the proposed programme to young people to invite feedback. This was designed and facilitated by Elham Fardad who divided the attendees into discussion groups who then each presented on the stage their feedback and thoughts to Elham and others. Elham said “…This is a pivotal conference as the Migrant Leaders Development Programme is for all of you young people and those across the country who will have access to all our online resources. The focus groups we will get you into are to discuss the key questions we ask you and every one of you will be encouraged to present your thoughts on the stage…”

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Leaders in Fast Track Conference at the O2

conferences Mar 31, 2017

On March 27th 2017 Elham Fardad was invited as Key Note Speaker at the O2 Leaders in Fast Track Conference. Attended by a diverse group of delegates in senior roles from public and private sector organisations. Elham Fardad shared her experiences on how to accelerate your leadership journey. Her principles are (1) Know yourself (2) Be fearless (3) Take charge (4) Don’t make it personal (5) Don’t lose your integrity. She said “Nothing is certain in life and we could all lose our health, wealth, career, loved ones but what nobody can take away from you is your character. Maintaining that gives you a sense of confidence and meaning to your life which is key to happiness and sustainable leadership success….”

Watch out for Elham’s full conference talk being made available on our website. Register on our website to be notified when our online resources are released and to receive our valuable monthly newsletter by email.

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