Migrant Leaders Continues Roadshows of School Visits Across the Country

news Mar 15, 2023

Migrant Leaders Founder & CEO Elham Fardad continues on a roadshow of visits to schools, colleges and universities across Britain to speak to educators and disadvantaged young people. She emphasises that “We must continue to understand challenges and aspirations in communities and to leverage the relationships we have across the corporate sectors to connect communities and schools with industry. Social mobility will come from cross sector collaboration.”


This approach was further boosted by inviting all Migrant Leaders mentors to a webinar, introducing the school leaders and students at Wembley High Technology College to Migrant Leaders mentors. This resulted in many mentors volunteering further by going into the school to speak to students. Elham Fardad plans to continue this approach of elevating schools such as those part of the Shared Learning Trust, where she is a Governor

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Migrant Leaders Partners with Ipsos to Boost Diversity in Social Research

news Jul 05, 2022

Migrant Leaders partnership with Ipsos brings this first insights day and workshop at at their London office where our mentees were introduced to market and social research and the wide range of research areas through workshop rotations across impact stations: Ipsos - YouTube


Kelly Beaver, Chief Executive Ipsos UK, welcomed Migrant Leaders: “Today we are here in the Ipsos London office to welcome a group of Migrant Leaders for the future. We need people  from such a diverse range in society doing the research, if we are really going to give that understanding to our clients. So diversity underpins who we are and what we do.”

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Migrant Leaders Partners with Salesforce to Inspire and Visualise The Future

news Jul 04, 2022

Migrant Leaders partnership with Salesforce brings this first insights day and workshop at Salesforce where our mentees were introduced to many Salesforce professionals to hear their career stories, tips and to network: Salesforce - YouTube

The workshop element used visualisation to help our Migrant Leaders mentees devise a storyboard with images of who they would each like to be in key areas of their life: work, health, relationships and purpose.


Shirley Morrison, Regional Sales Director Salesforce, shared the essence of the workshop: “I hope the mentees walk away feeling inspired today; we want them to get excited about the future and help them take the small steps to get there, and most importantly to believe in themselves that they can achieve anything.”

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Migrant Leaders Partners with Illumina to Bring Insights On Genetic Sequencing

news Jun 28, 2022

Proud of our Migrant Leaders partnership with Illumina bringing such opportunities, innovations and experiences to our talented young people. We look forward to continuing our collaborations with Illumina: Illumina - YouTube

Bobby Kaura at Illumina for Start Ups  explains: “Every now and then, in our additional responsibilities to work, we have the opportunity to extend our good fortune and privilege to others. As Chair of Illumina's EMEA group (Impact My Shade) for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, we got to partner with Migrant Leaders Charity to share our story and the work we do, with students from all backgrounds, hoping we can support the development of future leaders of tomorrow, today. This quote makes it all worthwhile: 'it was really inspiring and it gave a unique perspective in to a company that I had never heard of, that now I secretly want to work for' - Dhyey Ghetia, Migrant Leaders Mentee.
Thank you to Migrant LeadersElham Fardad and the...

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Migrant Leaders Collaborates Across Kantar Divisions

news May 27, 2022

Migrant Leaders is in its 4th year of collaborations across Kantar divisions through our innovative internships at Kantar Consulting, Kantar Insights, Kantar Public, and now with the addition of our Kantar Media internships. We bring you this 'hybrid' internship opportunity, a mixture of virtual and onsite experience at Kantar London offices, a one week work immersion with the Media by Kantar division, a global audience intelligence, advertising and consumer intelligence consultancy.


See video of our Kantar opportunities webinar: Kantar Migrant Leaders Webinar - June 2022 - YouTube

Read more about our latest Kantar Media internship:https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6943561345401319424

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Migrant Leaders Partners with Westcon-Comstor With First Hybrid Internship

news Apr 22, 2022

Migrant Leaders launches its partnership with Westcon-Comstor by delivering a 3 day hybrid internship programme: Westcon-Comstor - YouTube

Elham Fardad, Founder & CEO of Migrant Leaders, said: “All our interns thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt incredibly welcomed by the whole team. Over the three days I watched them open up, grow in confidence and really start to think about how they could bring their values, education, strengths and capabilities to an international business like Westcon-Comstor.”

Runa Macleod, VP Marketing Westcon-Comstor, expresses that “If we’re serious about inclusion, we have to start early”. Read full article: If we’re serious about inclusion, we have to start early (westconcomstor.com)

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Proud of our Migrant Leaders Story

news Apr 07, 2022

'I remember going to school every day, wondering which of my friends was going to be alive and who was going to be dead' Elham Fardad, Migrant Leaders Founder & CEO

Thank you 
ACCA for publishing this article about our founder Elham Fardad and why she launched Migrant Leaders.

Read the article in ACCA's AB magazine: 

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Migrant Leaders Story and Thought Leadership Featured

news Mar 25, 2022

Migrant Leaders Story and Thought Leadership featured. See our Impact Report for further information.


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Migrant Leaders Partners with the ACCA to Accelerate Underrepresented Student Careers

news Mar 07, 2022

ACCA has teamed up with UK charity Migrant Leaders to help find and develop the next generation of talent for the accountancy profession. Read more: Levelling the skills and talent playing field | ACCA Global

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Migrant Leaders Partners with Sparta Global

news Feb 14, 2022

We are humbled to be part of this initiative to support Ukrainian refugees. Watch this space for our next Migrant Leaders collaboration to action this commitment with Sparta Global.

Our Migrant Leaders programme is free and we support young 1st and 2nd generation migrants as well as all disadvantaged youths to help them succeed in Britain. By joining our programme they gain mentoring, workshops, work experiences and connections. We now have over 925 senior mentors from more than 95 FTSE100 and leading firms. 

Eligible young people can apply here: https://lnkd.in/da8jSpM


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