IFS Deaton Review Highlights the Need to Translate Migrant Children’s Educational Success into Career Progression

news Dec 01, 2021

Institute For Fiscal Studies Deaton Review highlights that second generation ethnic minorities outperform in attainment of higher education despite less advantaged economic backgrounds but that this success is not reflected in the employment market.

Overall 39-55% of second generation ethnic minorities attain university degrees, compared to 26% of the white British majority. Yet, they have gained 1-7% less employment rates. The picture is more varied when looking at reaching managerial and professional occupations. Some ethnic groups and genders are around 10% behind in attaining managerial or professional occupations, despite 39-50% of the same group attaining a university degree.

Migrant Leaders we have a targeted approach to help raise aspirations and support across all ethnicities while providing bespoke training, connections, quality work experiences and individual mentoring. The aim of Migrant Leaders is to support young 1st and 2nd generation migrants as well as all disadvantaged youths and to help them succeed in Britain. The programme is free and applicants are between 16 and 25 years old. We now have 925 senior mentors from more than 95 FTSE100 and leading firms. The heartening success stories from our 905 mentees and the support from you and our corporate partners has been phenomenal. Thank you, Anglo AmericanSmith & NephewKantar and ABB for your continued support.

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