Migrant Leaders Celebrates the Success of Mentees

news Jun 07, 2019

We celebrate the countless successes of our Mentees and the deserving young people we work with. Among the many success stories 3 examples stand out: 

Congratulations to Wasifa on receiving an offer to study medicine at UCL:

“This development programme and my mentor have given me opportunities by visiting the UCL campus with me before my interview where my mentor graduated from herself and she did a mock interview with me which led to UCL offering me a place. She even worked with Migrant Leaders to arrange for an afternoon of talks by doctors from different specialities including the first female black orthopaedic surgeon appointed in the UK who was born in Guyana. The Migrant Leaders special development programme has made me realise I can achieve my dream of helping people and developing countries through my career in medicine.” 

Congratulations to Luke on entering the prestigious EY summer internship programme:

“My Mentor has encouraged me and helped me remove very real barriers in taking up work experience opportunities in leading firms. Without her direct advice and help to build an outcome driven mindset, I might have let those opportunities pass me by. She made me understand that these decisions early on in life will set the direction for the rest of my career. She has given me a vision for my future which my family alone as migrant parents from Nigeria and Dominica may not have been able to give me.”

Luke’s post on receiving the news: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luke-sagay-082aa5136/detail/recent-activity/shares/

Congratulations to Dylan on receiving an offer to study Law with Senior Status (SSL) at Cambridge:

“I have had the opportunity to be part of this incredible organisation, Migrant Leaders, which has connected me to inspiring mentors and industry leaders. I have also had the opportunity to attend Migrant Leaders conferences filled with wealth of wisdom from a range of speakers such as Dr Yvonne Thompson and Rene Carayol. It was amazing, I felt empowered and I would highly recommend the organisation to all.”

Dylan’s funding appeal: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6541378333404463105/

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