Migrant Leaders Continues Roadshows of School Visits Across the Country

news Mar 15, 2023

Migrant Leaders Founder & CEO Elham Fardad continues on a roadshow of visits to schools, colleges and universities across Britain to speak to educators and disadvantaged young people. She emphasises that “We must continue to understand challenges and aspirations in communities and to leverage the relationships we have across the corporate sectors to connect communities and schools with industry. Social mobility will come from cross sector collaboration.”


This approach was further boosted by inviting all Migrant Leaders mentors to a webinar, introducing the school leaders and students at Wembley High Technology College to Migrant Leaders mentors. This resulted in many mentors volunteering further by going into the school to speak to students. Elham Fardad plans to continue this approach of elevating schools such as those part of the Shared Learning Trust, where she is a Governor

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