Migrant Leaders Continues Safeguarding Partnership With NSPCC

conferences Mar 01, 2023

Migrant Leaders is proud to continue working in partnership with the NSPCC to present our two-part Safeguarding briefing for our Mentors

In Part 1 we cover the legislative context and look at why Safeguarding is important for our Migrant Leaders mentors and for mentees. We also look at the blocks that prevent young people from talking about their concerns and others from hearing them. Finally we consider how mentors can take care of themselves in the Safeguarding context.

Part 2 covers Migrant Leaders’ procedures for Safeguarding and provides an opportunity to work with other mentors to look at possible scenarios.


See videos of the recorded sessions here: Migrant Leaders NSPCC Safeguarding Webinar Part 2 - Winter 2023

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