Migrant Leaders Launches Young Leader Modules

news other Oct 31, 2019

We are proud to launch the Migrant Leaders Young Leader Modules. This quarter was in part about continuing to deliver our comprehensive programme of conferences, workshops and mentoring outlined attached. To gain the best outcomes from our development programme, we have further strengthened the support we provide our 240 young mentees and 250 senior mentors who work in a wide variety of fields across more than 95 leading firms. One of the ways we are providing deeper support to our mentees and mentors is through the launch of our Digital Zone, sharing our charity’s resources, guidance and our Young Leader modules as an additional framework our mentors can utilise to have quality mentoring conversations. We developed our Young Leader Model to enable young people from underrepresented backgrounds to build the success characteristics needed to fulfil their potential and gain a mindset of giving back to society. You can register on our Digital Zone to view these modules: http://bit.ly/2P3S6Xz

One of the aims of our digital programme is to share our charity’s resources and impact with all young people across the country. During this quarter we aimed to accomplish this through partnering with other organisations across the country on our common goals of youth development and social mobility as well as through our campaigns including Leaders Like Us: http://bit.ly/2P1QUUv and Imagine If: http://bit.ly/2pA1Qhy/


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