Migrant Leaders Mentioned in The Guardian

news other Oct 21, 2020

We are proud that Migrant Leaders was mentioned in The Guardian as an example of a charity that is making a difference by working to inspire disadvantaged young migrants to broaden their horizons and fulfil their potential. 

The article brings valuable insights on why and how employers can create a workplace where everyone can thrive and the importance of this to young talent. Our Founder & CEO Elham Fardad would like to give a shout out to our very own Jouja Maamri who is a member of the Migrant Leaders Executive Team, “Jouja is one of the very talented young people I am lucky enough to be working with, who has put her personal purpose at the centre of her work and career aspirations right from the start. She and so many others give me hope that together we can build a world and a future that offers everyone more hope than we had in the past.” Migrant Leaders Founder & CEO, Elham Fardad.

See full article here: https://www.theguardian.com/early-careers-hub/2020/oct/21/we-can-create-workplaces-where-everyone-can-thrive-how-to-find-a-diverse-employer

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