Migrant Leaders Takes Part in Eutopia Collaboration of European Universities

events Nov 25, 2020

During a workshop co-organised by Warwick’s EUTOPIA partner the University of Ljubljana, Elham Fardad delivered a presentation about inclusion and diversity in corporate spheres, sharing her experiences and advice from over two decades in senior leadership roles across global businesses. She discussed how students can discover job opportunities and create connections on the global stage, such as enrolling in virtual internships and taking part in mentoring programmes with experienced professionals.

Elham’s principal message was how students and graduates can “take advantage of disadvantage”, and find ways to thrive in their future careers, despite challenges that they might face due to factors such as a lack of resources and connections, or discrimination against gender and social or ethnic background. “Generation Z have the advantage and ability to take on opportunities on the global stage in order to overcome any disadvantages they may face on a local level. Determination will be your greatest asset!” Migrant Leaders Founder & CEO, Elham Fardad.

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