"Have courage and your capabilities will connect you"
Elham Fardad, Accelerated Leadership Conference, The O2 London March 2017




Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board represents a truly diverse set of senior individuals from large firms, public sector, education and charity sectors who share our values and have belief in our vision. At Migrant Leaders we believe that true diversity of thinking will come from embracing every facet of diversity including backgrounds.

Our Young Leaders Panel

Our Young Leaders Panel is set up to make young people the heart of our charity. Our Young Leaders Panel is consulted on key decisions and has the opportunity to share their innovative and diverse perspectives with Migrant Leaders. Every year we appoint a President from the panel who sits on our Advisory Board.  This gives them the opportunity to work with leaders representing some of the top organisations in the UK.


Our Patrons

Our Patrons are leaders who have each made remarkable contributions to Britain and diversity. They have pledged their active support and belief in our charity, objectives and values. We continue to include our Patrons as part of the wide consultation process we follow in designing and delivering a programme that makes a significant contribution to diverse talent in Britain.

Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team consists of the individuals we need to deliver our Migrant Leaders programme from an operational perspective. As the charity grows this team is rapidly expanding and adapting to ensure that we deliver the positive impact and outcomes we set out to achieve for migrants and for the British economy and British communities.

About the Founder and CEO

Professional Career

Elham’s professional career spans 25 years in senior leadership roles in blue chip multinationals including GE, News Corp and Ernst & Young, where she has advised clients on their most challenging operational problems. She is the Founder and CEO of the charity Migrant Leaders and is a member of multiple Advisory Boards. Elham has been selected as Finalist in awards for her work on Migrant Leaders, including Charity Times Charity of the Year, Charity Leader of the Year and the IoD Director of the Year.

Personal Values

Her philosophy is underpinned by her enduring personal values and vision for her family. Elham sees her role as helping develop the next generation of leaders both in her professional and personal life. She continues in her personal time to mentor many talented young migrants in the UK from across different walks of life to help them fulfil their true potential.

Charity Work

In 2017 Elham launched Migrant Leaders to identify talented young migrants and help them through a world class programme of bespoke modules, workshops, mentoring and quality work experiences at leading firms. She has designed this programme bringing the best of her experience and the network she has gained throughout her professional career and charitable work.

Commitment to Family

Elham also devotes much of her time and care towards her two children who are aged 16 and 13. Elham’s inspiration comes from her desire to help leave the world a better place for her children and for others to be able to succeed no matter where they come from.


Safeguarding Policy


Safeguarding Incident Form


"She is clearly very accomplished and very successful and it is great to see behind it all the thinking and struggles which made that happen…"

Wincie Wong

"The highlight of the leadership conference for me has been the opportunity to listen to Elham Fardad speak…"

Chris Dixon

"Elham has been my dedicated mentor for 3 years and her vision for my future and career, her bespoke guidance and connections have had an instrumental impact on my entry to a top university and a valuable internship at a leading firm…"

Ehsan Rahmati
LSE Graduate

"Elham inspired me to be ambitious and confident in how I think and plan for the future; her optimism and guidance directly contributed to my success in getting promoted into my chosen consulting area – and has stayed with me since."

Alex Bristo
Mentee since 2017

"I was born in India and migrated to the UK from Bangkok. Elham mentored me during the period I was considering my career options at Ernst & Young. Her perspective meant that I stayed at a leading firm, build a stronger foundation by working with great people and grow my network. Learning derived from an experienced mentor’s judgement that I am still benefiting from."

Sahaj Kothari
Mentee since 2010

"Elham’s professionalism, vision of the “bigger picture”, ambition to introduce best practice, and knowing when to challenge was inspirational. She shows great judgement in understanding how to obtain the best results from individuals; she is flexible and applies a range of techniques to effectively motivate very different characters and abilities. I found Elham to be extremely encouraging and approachable, allowing me the space to grow and develop as an individual as well as introducing me to skills and methodologies that have helped me in my path to become a successful professional."

Reena Sharma
Mentee since 2016


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