Migrant Leaders Partners with Sparta Global

news Feb 14, 2022

We are humbled to be part of this initiative to support Ukrainian refugees. Watch this space for our next Migrant Leaders collaboration to action this commitment with Sparta Global.

Our Migrant Leaders programme is free and we support young 1st and 2nd generation migrants as well as all disadvantaged youths to help them succeed in Britain. By joining our programme they gain mentoring, workshops, work experiences and connections. We now have over 925 senior mentors from more than 95 FTSE100 and leading firms. 

Eligible young people can apply here: https://lnkd.in/da8jSpM


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Migrant Leaders Partners with NSPCC to Enhance Safeguarding Training

conferences Jan 21, 2022

Migrant Leaders partners with the NSPCC to co-develop and deliver expert safeguarding training to Migrant Leaders mentors.


Our Migrant Leaders quarterly Mentors Webinars are aimed at increasing our engagement with mentors, providing an opportunity to hear interesting speakers on topics that inform our aims and objectives and last, but not least, enabling our mentors to network, share their experiences and learn from each other. Our webinars are delivered online, via Zoom, and this quarter we are pleased to have delivered parts 1 and 2 of our Safeguarding Briefing, in partnership with the NSPCC. This webinar provides further training on and helps embed our Migrant Leaders Safeguarding Policy which can be found on our website Digital Zone: https://lnkd.in/gtF5J4H

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Migrant Leaders Continues Roadshow of Schools Visits Across the Country

news Jan 20, 2022

Migrant Leaders Founder & CEO Elham Fardad continues on a roadshow of visits to schools, colleges and universities across Britain to speak to educators and disadvantaged young people. She emphasises that “It is really important not to lose sight of what matters most to young people and to continue to listen to them talk about their challenge, fears, hopes and aspirations. No matter how busy we are, delivering and growing our charity’s impact, we must always have our ears to the ground and be informed by the young people we wish to support.”

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IFS Deaton Review Highlights the Need to Translate Migrant Children’s Educational Success into Career Progression

news Dec 01, 2021

Institute For Fiscal Studies Deaton Review highlights that second generation ethnic minorities outperform in attainment of higher education despite less advantaged economic backgrounds but that this success is not reflected in the employment market.

Overall 39-55% of second generation ethnic minorities attain university degrees, compared to 26% of the white British majority. Yet, they have gained 1-7% less employment rates. The picture is more varied when looking at reaching managerial and professional occupations. Some ethnic groups and genders are around 10% behind in attaining managerial or professional occupations, despite 39-50% of the same group attaining a university degree.

Migrant Leaders we have a targeted approach to help raise aspirations and support across all ethnicities while providing bespoke training, connections, quality work experiences and individual mentoring. The aim of Migrant Leaders is to support young 1st and...

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Professor Mary Bosworth of University of Oxford Speaks at Migrant Leaders Mentors Webinar

conferences Oct 19, 2021

The first Migrant Leaders Quarterly Mentors Webinar was delivered during Black History Month, Professor Mary Bosworth spoke about representation in collaboration with University of Oxford.

Kathryn Grice, a member of the Migrant Leaders Executive Team expressed “It's hard not to put your teacher hat on when listening to these presentations and put ex pupils' faces to the statistics mentioned. The presentation explored the under representation of practitioners - such as judges, barristers, police officers - in the criminal justice system from global majority citizens; coupled with the overrepresentation of them within the justice system - in arrests, custody, prisons etc. There is significant work to be done and as we know, education plays a huge part in change.”

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Migrant Leaders Launches One Year Upskilling Internship in Collaboration with Granger Reis

news Sep 20, 2021

We are elated by our Migrant Leaders collaboration with Granger Reis to be offering this 1 year paid internship opportunity to Migrant Leaders mentees in higher education.

Thank you 
Ben HewlettDanielle Hatton, Edward Ali McQuilton and everyone at Granger Reis for collaborating with Migrant Leaders to create these opportunities.

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Migrant Leaders Partnership with Kantar Expands Across Multiple Divisions

news Sep 07, 2021

We are proud of the continued expansion of our Kantar virtual internships across multiple divisions including Kantar Insights, Kantar Public, Kantar Consulting and Marketing. These are quality work experiences for our university students interested in strategy consulting, marketing, research and policy. Watch out for our next Spring and Summer internships being advertised on our Migrant Leaders social media.

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Migrant Leaders Partners with ABB to Deliver Engineering Internship

news Jul 23, 2021

We are proud of our partnership with ABB which created our first collaboration in July 2021, an onsite internship for 6 of our Migrant Leaders engineering mentees: ABB - YouTube

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Migrant Leaders Partners with Cappfinity to Provide Strengths Profile Assessments

news Jul 16, 2021

We are thrilled to announce our Migrant Leaders partnership with Cappfinity, enabling us to provide Strengths Profile assessments to all our Migrant Leaders mentors and mentees. See our Digital Zone

Early awareness of your greatest natural talents and strengths is key in the career decisions that you make. It gives you confidence and enables you to know and further develop your gifts.

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Migrant Leaders Founder Shortlisted as Charity Leader of the Year

news Jul 16, 2021


We are delighted to announce that Migrant Leaders Founder & CEO Elham Fardad has been shortlisted in the Charity Times Awards in the Charity Leader of the Year category. Full list of finalists: https://lnkd.in/d5s-raY

Elham said, "I am humbled by this recognition which really is shared by all our team, supporters, mentors and mentees who make Migrant Leaders special. We all live every day for our common purpose to help these amazing young people. Thank you for being on this journey with me."

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