Migrant Leaders Delivers Its First ‘Connect Conference’

conferences events news May 23, 2019

This conference helps our Young Mentees imagine a future without barriers. We achieve this by bringing together our Mentees and Mentors in this conference with an exciting agenda of speakers, discussion panel, Q&A and networking session. Our Mentees gain an opportunity to speak directly with multiple Mentors from a wide range of companies and technical fields. Importantly, they gain exposure and feel comfortable with imagining a future at these companies.


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Sharing Stories of Relatable Role Models with Young People

news Feb 21, 2019

"It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Rene Carayol MBE.  The interview proved to be a time for reflection and an opportunity to say to the next generation of diverse talent that there are different paths to success.  To show that there are role models they can relate to and that the obstacles are part of the path.  We only need to be willing to continually learn, succeed with integrity and to help others.  Thank you, Rene, for your huge contributions to inclusion and leadership."

Watch the interview on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-QH_qqvVJk


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Migrant Leaders and Anglo American Partnership Delivers the First ‘Access to Corporates’ Conference

conferences events news Nov 23, 2018

This valuable conference represents our first co-developed event with one of our key corporate sponsors Anglo American. Our Access to Corporates Programme seeks to bring to our Mentees insights and connections to large corporates as well as leading quality work experiences across a number of sectors. The feedback from our Mentees on this initial Access to Corporates conference has been phenomenal, with our Mentees expressing that they would not have otherwise gained such a life time opportunity, which they so deserve.

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Elham Fardad Invited to Speak as Part of a Panel at the European Commission in London

news Sep 27, 2018

Summary of Elham’s talk at the event:

Why Elham Fardad launched Migrant Leaders?

  • Only 1.3% of FSTE 100 Board Directors are migrants and all of those have been privately educated. Elham’s mission in life is to help move that number.
  • We must generate the pipeline of diverse talent before we lose a generation who have gone through so much and yet because of that will be more driven than anyone, able to take the risks essential for innovation and exponential growth and they come with some of the technical skills that Britain needs more of such as strong Maths and Science. Wouldn’t it be great if we as the migrant population give that gift of economic growth and harmony in communities to Britain, the country that has welcomed us? 

How is Migrant Leaders doing this?

  • Migrant Leaders is a leading practice development programme for 16-25 year old first and second generation migrants. The programme provides these young people with 3 components; mentoring from...
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Migrant Leaders Mentors Conference Brings Together Our Mentors from 60 Leading Companies

conferences events news Sep 21, 2018

Our Mentors Conference brought together Migrant Leaders Mentors from 60 leading large corporates to network, share ideas on diverse talent and hear our CEO Elham Fardad and our Patrons Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE and Rene Carayol MBE speak. We were joined by members of our Advisory Board and our Young Leaders Panel who made a great contribution to the day and helped demonstrate the diversity and leadership of the young people we engage with. To see our full conference materials, watch out for the launch of our Migrant Leaders Digital Programme. 

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Young Leaders Design the Future Britain with Migrant Leaders

events news Jun 02, 2018

Our Young Leaders Panel joined a Migrant Leaders workshop day to outline the future Britain they would be proud of. The principles set the direction of the Migrant Leaders Development Programme and how our charity would continue to ‘give back to Britain’ by supporting all young people from deprived and under-represented backgrounds across the country.


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